My name is Terry RW Whisenant and I am a graphic designer, artist, writer, poet and geek. I currently work for iVerse Media in Austin Texas as the QA Team Manager for the graphics technicians who work on the conversion of Marvel Comics to digital format and translations, and I am also on the board of directors of Austin Creative Pathways and ChupacabraCon, where I am officially the Guest Coordinator.

My areas of expertise are graphic design, illustration, and writing. I not only paint and design by hand, but also am a power user of Adobe Creative Suite. I have worked in commercial printing, 2d animation, sign and billboard design, magazine design, printing production, and illustration. I have also served on the board of directors of the Austin International Poetry Festival and have organized many poetry readings in the Austin area over the last two decades.

I am a fount of creativity who is frequently consulted for new ideas and brainstorming on a diverse number of topics from written projects to design work.

You can reach me by clicking on the CONTACT page to the left.

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